the elephant who was a rhinoceros >
the girl who never was >
the third man >
a lecture on schizophonia >
written on tablets of flesh >
the empire never ended >
variations on a theme by Casey & Finch >
gospels >
the allens >
I hereby command you to give voice to these letters...>
we are protected >
dark was the night >
bytom hymn echo >
aarhus echo >
god moves on the water >
variations over a poem by allen ginsberg >
let them sing it for you >
låt dem sjunga det åt dig >
moonstruck >
variations on a theme by lou reed >
instruction trio>

A lecture performance that explores the foundational role that the animal plays within human language, as a name for that speechlessness from which speech once took off. A creature that does not speak; a creature you cannot speak of. It is the elephant in every room. It is a white bear, whose silhouette looms larger with every effort to keep it out of your mind.

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the elephant who was a rhinoceros (2017)